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Lightenna is a well known lighting distributor who offer diverse range of lighting products from leading manufacturers all over the world. The items can be extensively used for both interior and exterior applications in different industrial sectors such as residential buildings, office buildings, showrooms , banking, hospitals, hotels and resorts etc. In addition, we also provide lighting design counseling service to all valuable customers.

With exceptional product design, premium quality , practical as well as comprehensive services entirely incorporated, the name of “ Lightenna” has been widely accepted and long years trusted among local and overseas customers from various professions as interior designers, architects, lighting designers and developers.

As Lightenna enhances “ Illuminating your design ”


Lighting Fixture

We are well known as lighting distributor who offer both interior, exterior application and diverse range of LED lights also. We have many type of client from personal to corporate project such as office, hotel, resort, shopping mall etc. We can serve the client’s needs.

Lighting Calculation

We are an expert for special requirement of electrical lighting system such as office, hotel, shopping mall etc. We can design, calculate and visualize light professionally with DIALux. To find the perfect brightness for each area.

Customized Lamps

We can make your design come true. To build unique product we have various of material such as crystal, metal, glass, fabric and various type such as chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp for any size that suitable for you demand.

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